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Volume 48, No. 4     Winter 2018

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Spotter Online Magazine: Winter 2018 Issue

The Spotter is a quarterly magazine about the Dalmatian and the Dalmatian Club Of America club activities. Please click on the cover above to view our current online issue. Each issue is also available in print. Please see subscription information as well as advertising information.


Three Cover Winners:
Summer - John and Kris Benoit
Fall - Barbara Barrett
Winter - Joanne Shupp and Marie Zink
Spring 2019 - Jennifer Meisch

Three Cover alternates:
Eric Paterson, Connie Brown, Beth Johnson

Priority Mailing: Kathryn Blink

The Dalmatian Club of America

For information about Dalmatians and/or the Dalmatian Club of America, please visit the web site of the Dalmatian Club of America.

Dalmatian Club of America Foundation, Inc.

For health research and donation information please visit the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation.


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