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SPRING 2023 TopSpots & New Titles Issue

The Spotter is the official magazine of the Dalmatian Club of America. It is published quarterly. We publish information specific to the Dalmatian breed and the Dalmatian Club of America's club activities. Regional club's also provide information in this publication. We feature Dalmatian Club of America Members advertisments, and non-member advertisements are welcome as well.

Winter 2022-2023


Summer 2022 I2022

GCHP2 Bret D N Adventureland Star Coach


Spotter Fall 2022 Issue

Fall 2022 I2022

GCH CH Zoroastrian's Spotted By The Paparazzi SCN SIN SBN


Anticipation Dalmatians


PAST ISSUES FOR 2021 . Please enjoy viewing these issues from 2022 or you can visit our Online Issue Library for all past issues that are available online beginning with the Winter 2008 issue.

Spotter Cover Stories


Each year at the Dalmatian Club of America National Specialty show a drawing occurs during the Awards Banquet. There will be three opportunities to advertise on a Spotter Issue Cover, with your purchase of said cover. One cover is automatically reserved for the National Specialty Best of Breed Winner.

The winners for the Cover Contest are:
Summer 2022 - DCA 2022 BOB Winner
Fall 2022 - Sara Seitz
Winter 2022/23 - Susan MacMillan
Spring 2023 - Carol O'Brien
1st Alternate - Debbie Bennet
2nd Alternate- Rosie Branaman
3rd Alternate- Toni Linstedt
Priority Mailing ( 1 year and starts with Fall 2022 issue) - Suzi Wahl


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